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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

xkcd Sucks Less, Week 6 Followup

Yeah, yeah, there was no official "xkcd Sucks Less, Week 6." Deal with it.

Comic 953: 1 to 10

Alt-Text: Why are there no jokes about hexadecimal numbers?
by SindbadEV

SinbadEV goes on to tell me that the victim is some hippie named "Andrew," so as to not look like he advocates violence against women. Fair enough.

Alt-Text: Pirates don't like math jokes.
by SindbadEV

I assume this is Andrew again. Apparently September 19 was "Talk Like a Pirate Day."

Comic 954: Chin-Up Bar

No additional submissions.

Comic 955: Neutrinos

No additional submissions.

Yeah, it was hard to make last week's xkcd strips suck less. Maybe next time.


  1. I'm sorry, I'll try harder this week.

  2. Argh, this one has always upset me. Because "ten" in binary is not pronounced "one zero." Nor is two.

    So by vocalizing, the character must be saying either "On a scale of one to two..." or "on a scale of one to ten." "Ten" in binary (0110) is still pronounced "ten" in spoken english. "Two" in binary (0010) is pronounced "two."

    Since this pun only works in the written form, we must assume that the characters are communicating in a written form. Which naturally would be infuriating no matter what the content.

    About the only themes for a hexadecimal joke I can think of relate to either academic grades or bra sizes. The "scale of" jokes don't really work. "Honey, on a scale of 1 to 10, how big does this my butt look in this dress?" "F!" Or maybe a Canadian accent joke about the number "A"?

  3. Derp, I wrote "ten" wrong. 1010, not 0110.

  4. Incidentally, I had my wife look over all 4 comics (the original, the one that was presented here originally and my XKCD+Violence versions) and she didn't think any of them were funny.