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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Comic 957: The Perfect Storm

Title: Development; alt-text: Funding was quickly restored to the NHA and the APA was taken back off hurricane forecast duty.

I was waiting, hoping, and praying that some guest review would, against all odds, find its way into my email inbox today. It was not meant to be, probably because THIS COMIC SUCKS.

A lot.

Really, Randall? Another hurricane comic? I'm tagging this as "dated reference" because Rina HASN'T HAPPENED YET, so the only reason for a hurricane reference was because there was a big deal about Irene earlier this year. Why else would this be about hurricanes? WHY?

This is an important question, because the joke here is a play on the word "development." Are hurricanes REALLY the only things that develop, Randall? Wait, hold on, I bet I can think something else right now. SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT! You know, software? Computers? THAT THING YOUR COMIC IS SUPPOSED TO BE ABOUT??

I don't even know if there's a joke to be made with the "software" setup. I expect there is, but right now I don't care enough to try. Someone make a "sucks less" submission for that or something. I DO know that Randall might as well have used it anyway, because there's SURE AS HECK NO JOKE TO BE FOUND IN "HURRICANE DEVELOPMENT."


I'm using a lot of caps because I'm tired and friggin' ticked off that Randall couldn't see fit to lob me a softball today. I liked your escalator strip, Randy! I praised it! WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT FROM ME?

I mean, look at this! I'm ranting at the fact that there's nothing to rant about! This strip has absolutely nothing of substance. It's not even a new strip! It's reused, SIMPLIFIED art from Comic 944! It's like his recent Craigslist comic where he took the same idea, made the art WORSE, and replaced the text!

Screw you, Randall. Put some effort into your strip. You have thousands of fans who hang on your every update. Do it for them! Have some pride in what you do! I look at this strip and I see the product of one of life's failures: someone who couldn't hold a real job for more than a year, who is quickly forgetting whatever math and science he may have learned in college, and whose only source of income is overpriced t-shirts. Face it, Randall. You're not a webcomic author. You're the carnie of the internet.



  1. While today's strip was awful... I do feel like comparing the development of a hurricane to the cognitive development of a sentient being is inherently more ripe for humour then software development. I kinda see where he was trying to go with this one... I guess.

    That said... I've already submitted a sucks less for today's strip but maybe I can come up with a joke about software development instead.

  2. It's a play both on the word "develop" and the fact that hurricanes have stages, just like there are stages in "Piaget's theory of cognitive development".

    Comparing Piaget Stages to the...stages...of software development wouldn't be terribly obvious, as software development is referred to in various ways. Hurricane development, however, is typically referred to as a hurricane's "stages".

    This explains why it's another strip about hurricanes, but sadly, explaining it doesn't redeem it in any way.

    If you think there IS a good way to use "Piaget's theory of cognitive development" in a play on words, you are sorely misguided.

  3. "Turned to confusion" pretty much described my reaction to this comic, too.

  4. If you think there IS a good way to use "Piaget's theory of cognitive development" in a play on words, you are sorely misguided.

    Oh, I don't; not at all. But my reasoning was if you're going to have to choose between subjects that don't offer any joke through the play on words (software, hurricanes), you might as well use the one that's relevant.

  5. OH, wow ;-;. I feel so bad for you. One of these days... I'll make a guest review!

  6. So you think Randall watches a lot of TV news?

  7. Just because you aren't able to understand a comic doesn't mean that it sucks. If you paid attention to the news you would know that recently there has been discussion of cutting the NHA's funding. Hopefully, now that you have a bit of context, you can figure the rest of the joke out for yourself... but somehow I doubt it.