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Thursday, September 8, 2011

xkcd Forums Bingo: Week 15

Ladies and gentlemen, step right up as we ridicule the forums for another week!

#941 - Depth Perception
Oh boy, quite an excited thread for 941.

Our long post (N2) is barely in there with 501 words. We had plenty of I4 and O1. The I4 posts were from people who wanted to try this out in real life. The O1 posts are self-explanatory. Our O2 post comes from someone who doesn't have binocular vision, and found the comic depressing (aww).

We also had the creepiest B1 ever:
"About once a month I decide I want to marry you. This one is the first time I want to marry you so bad I actually jumped through all the registration hoops necessary to propose. The Joni Mitchel pushed it right over the edge. Then my kid walked in and reminded me that I'm already married to somebody else. Dammit."
It also wins B2 and B3 for mentioning the Joni Mitchell reference in the alt text.

#942 - Juggling
Let's see here. Nothing much happened, except we had FIVE instances of O3, each referencing a different comic. This comic seems to remind people of 226, 258, 298, Dinosaur Comics, and of course the Five-Minute Comics that were briefly posted a few weeks ago.

#943 - Empirical
B1 here, N2 there. Strangely, there were none from the bottom two rows. We had I2 with people debating the semantics of the marriage question.


  1. FUCK, Blogspot isn't letting me comment on ANYTHING!

  2. Except this, huh. Anyone else having problems with the comment box at No-Hyphen?

  3. Okay, I realised it was because I used a colon in an HTML tag.


  5. Keep your colon away from me!

  6. Has this become the support board for xkcdsucks?

  7. I think we've learned from 941...

    That xkcd fans can be creepy, and making a marriage proposal to the author of said comic via a forum makes it even more creepy.

    I think we've learned from 942...

    That floating juggling balls remind people of almost any comic. Maybe floating juggling balls are some kind of universal constant.

    I think we've learned from 943...

    That Jon Levi has run out of things to say.