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Thursday, September 1, 2011

xkcd Forums Bingo: Week 14

Okay, I said 'next weekend', which would have actually been last weekend, since it's now Thursday. I can see you all banging at your keyboards angry at the lack of bingo, so let's see the damn scores already!

938 - T-Cells

Good effort, but not much outside of the usual squares. Let's look at some of the highlights.

B4 came from this guy who wished the comic included a Blade Runner reference. This post wins I2 for making such a trivial grammar correction.

This thread had heaps of O1, exemplified by this post: "Wow. Randall, implying that a lentiviral vector is equivalent to an HIV infection is ignorant and irresponsible. I can't help but feel that you know better."

I really wanted the quote pyramid square (N4), since there were so many close calls with three layers.

The thread also gave us this comedy gem: "They did not stop doing hearth transplants after the first ones that had complications, did they?" "Thank god they didn't. My house has been much warmer ever since we switched to a woodburning stove."

939 - Arrow
I1 was surprisingly prevalent in this one. I'm not giving any examples, so you can use your imaginations or click the '939' at the top of the score and read the thread.

One point of interest is that our B5 came from this post:
"This cheese is cold"

This is a forum in-joke. It originated from a time when a word-filter changed 'lol' into 'The cheese is burning me'. And this later stuck as an expression of satisfaction at a comic.

940 - Oversight*
*I wrote Fitocracy on the bingo card by mistake and now I'm too lazy to change it.

And as you can see the entire thing only scored four squares. Why are the Friday comics always disappointing?

We had B1 and B5 in the same post, a relatively rare occurence. As expected there were a few people arguing over whether sex really was a good workout, giving us O1.

Towards the end of the thread they just started swapping Fitocracy invite codes.
Also, one of the Fitocracy co-founders showed up to say how great xkcd was, in this post. I am not even kidding.


  1. Some disappointing threads there. Point of order: you've written I2 in the second one where I think you mean I1, and you've written O5 in the last one where you mean O1.

  2. The Fitocracy example merely shows that xkcd performs as a kind of a two-way advertisement/product placement scheme. The xkcd strips are widely distributed in forum discussions, increasing readership. As has been noted, many of the strips seem to be deliberately created with this goal in mind. Then it becomes possible to direct traffic from xkcd by making the old tip-of-the-hat. Given that the xkcd comic probably increased the number of people who know Fitocracy by 2000%, the founders ought to be thankful.

  3. @Ann Apolis - corrected now.

    @Anon 3:044 - You're absolutely right. Just look at this. Whether this is intentional, I don't know. The advertising for Google+, on the other hand, certainly is.