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Saturday, September 17, 2011

xkcd Forums Bingo: Week 17

947 - Investing
Yeesh, so much economics in this thread! This generated some long-ass posts, thoroughly covering the N2 square. This one was 1090 words without the quotes.

There was also maths, and a little bit of physics (G2). We're off to a good start with a GOOMHR (N3). And with a G2, O1 and a B5, we have a good run on the diagonal line.

I double-checked though, and I couldn't find I4 or N1.

Oh, and if I had kept the feminism square, this post would have certainly got it.

948 - AI
This thread was interesting. A lot of people came to contest the Burning Man reference. A few people came because they didn't get the joke. And then, some time on the third page they started sharing their Cleverbot chat logs.

And then someone came along and did analysis of the thread. Not kidding.

Didn't get a bingo though.

949 - File Transfer
Oh dear, five pages. I expected this to be a rough one.

And yes, they spent at least 90% of the thread discussing file transfer methods, and hardly any of it discussing the comic. Everyone wants to use something different. The fact that they say it's possible is a direct contradiction of the comic itself, so I'm counting that for O1.

I didn't read most of the posts. But this piece of obnoxious douchebaggery caught my eye.

"There is a significant portion of the Linux userbase that is actively (or passive-aggressively) opposed to making it more user-friendly, because then stupid people would be able to run it, and then how would they be able to tell who has stars on their bellies?

Computing is a privilege, not a right; if you can't compile your own kernel or do everything from the command line, you don't deserve to use a PC or be on the internet. And you certainly don't deserve to run a real, manifestly superior (just like its users) OS."

This guy wrote a 1403-word rant about operating systems.

Fernie is back! I thought he got banned! <3

But of course the best part of the thread is the post I (Ephemeron) left at the end.


  1. You need to start doing those charted analyses for each thread now. They're very interesting.

    That person talking about Linux has the same opinion as you on the topic. You can tell by what is said in the first paragraph, which leads to the conclusion that the second paragraph must be a parody of people who think the other way.

  2. Stop doing the bingo. IT never results in a bingo, so what is the point? Even when you changed it you still don't get bingos. Your point was to say that the xkcd forums always contained the same kinds of posts. Well, obviously they don't as you never get a bingo.

  3. @Anon 11:32 - I am not the one doing the charted analysis. If I did, it would be boring as hell.

    @Sam - And I don't expect forgiveness for it!

    @Anon 11:29 - NO U