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Friday, May 31, 2013

1208-1219: Picking up where Rob left off

We're evacuating to this site as the new xkcd-sucks blog, because Rob has decided to stop posting.

Tell your cuddlefish friends. We can make this happen.

And without further ado...

1208 - harmless nerd porn. C+

1209 - Makes no sense until you read the caption. D

1210 - This is Randall being cynical, hypocritical and preachy all at the same time. D-

1211 - I agree with what he's saying. It's just that it comes across so preachy. C-

1212 - It annoys me that the distances are not to scale. Alt text saved it. C-

1213 - I think I know what joke Randall's trying to make, but it's difficult to understand. D

1214 - I've played GeoGuessr, and this never happens. F

1215 -  Maybe before we rush to adopt xkcd we should consider the consequences of blithely giving this webcomic such a central position in our lives. D+

1216 - Alt text is better than the actual comic. B-

1217 - This is a good joke for once, and actually told well. A

1218 - I've seen LotR, but the joke fell flat because it took me too long to figure out what was going on. So Randall, your pandering comic even fails at pandering. F

1219 - No Randall, I can not imagine something about something and make it funnier. F