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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

xkcd Sucks Less, Week 5 Followup

Comic 950: Mystery Solved

by Gamer_2k4

Comic 951: Working

Alt-Text: For every mile you go out of your way to get cheaper gas you will use just under 8 cents worth of fuel... so its probably not worth it no matter what price you put on your time. (Assuming 50mpg and 3.715)
by SinbadEV

This one was oddly prescient:

by TheNakedHornet

Comic 952: Stud Finder

No additional submissions.


  1. "better then you"?

  2. Gamer_2k4's version of 950 raises more questions than it answers:
    - Why is she requesting landing clearance from Control rather than Tower?
    - Why is the guy talking on the Control frequency in the tower?
    - Why is Earheart identifying herself using her aircraft registration number, rather than her callsign? And even if she would, you don't put the word "flight" in front of it. But perhaps I shouldn't expect Earheart to have kept up to date in modern ATC phraseology. ;)
    - Why didn't anyone spot her and try to contact her before she got this close? Even assuming this airfield is on the coast and she came from over an ocean she would've been on radar for at least 200nm.
    - Why didn't Earheart try to contact anyone before overflying the airfield?
    - Why is the controller asking for the pilot's name?

    Yeah, I'm nitpicking, so sue me. :P

  3. All of those things are there because I don't know anything about planes or airports. =P