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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

xkcd Forums Bingo: Week 16

Three more comics, three more threads. Let's get ready to see the score cards.

#944 - Hurricane Names

944 was quite a good discussion actually. Some interesting points were raised, and I even learned a bit about hurricanes. I really like this post for some reason:

"I'm just dreading the day when hurricanes attain sufficient complexity to become sentient, and demand to choose their own uber-kewl user names."

Then they got on to talking about this 'Cantor Diagonalization', and I lost interest, until I read this:

"You made a Cantor joke. I would go under the knife in order to become capable of having your babies."

Wait, what?

#945 - I'm Sorry

Ohhhh, too much arguing about grammar, and when it is appropriate to say 'I'm sorry'. It is best summed up by this:

"I'm sorry I read this far. Really I am. Oh, and I do not apologize for making those statements."

But only one square ticked? No way, I am not reading that thread again to see if I missed any others.

#946 - Family Decals

Heh, there was a GOOMHR post. I might as well link to it.

Ooh, there's also this:

"Actually, the second car seems to have stickers that look like Randy and Megan; maybe that's just the ransom money her family sent. Heh."

A Megan joke on the xkcd fora. Progress?

Some people want these decals to be in the xkcd store, hence the G3. Not sure if they specifically want the one with the huge stack of money.

Oh boy, we were close to a bingo this time. If only I could find a single post correcting someone's grammar like we had so much on the last thread! Dammit!