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Friday, December 23, 2011

Comic 994: Now with colours (two of them even!)!

Advent Calendar
title: Advent Calendar; alt-text: "I think you could get up to about 11:59:57 before you'd have trouble swallowing the chocolates fast enough. At that point, you'd need some kind of a liquify-and-chug apparatus to get up over the 11:59:59 barrier. Anyway, Merry Christmas!"

I don't know why this is supposed to be funny. If the goal was for me to look up Zeno on Wikipedia I guess he succeeded there at least.


  1. Actually, I have to concede that this is okay.

    Zeno's Paradox is this thing involving halving numbers and how that could actually get it to another number .

    Given that it's a somewhat known math-type paradox, I guess that does fall under "Romance, Sarcasm, Math, and Language." The comic compliments the caption and vice versa. So it's okay.

    The only complaint I can really say is that the alt-text seems excessive.

  2. This is the second color comic in a row. Maybe Randy's decided he needs to upgrade his art to stay relevant?

  3. This would be better (still not funny in my opinion) if the flaps got successively smaller.

  4. *you've never read Gödel Escher Bach*

  5. To stay relevant - for whom?