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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Comic 990: Randall went shopping.

Original xkcd 990:
Plastic Bags
title: Plastic Bags; alt-text: "The high I feel when I actually remember to bring my reusable bags to the store--and take them inside rather than leaving them in the parked car--can last for days."

Instead of reviewing I just attached a bunch of appropriate labels that express, in part, what is wrong with this comic.


  1. The first few panels make sense but the last panel is really STUPID. I mean, he has a point with the rest of the comic, but the punchline feels completely wrong. Maybe it would have been better if the art were better, but I think he should have switched it to a different punchline entirely. It sounds a lot like something a second grader would come up with, complete with the "here you go!". It's just really friction' annoying how inane it is.

  2. I do not understand the "here you go!" Is the comic depicting multiple successive visits to the same supermarket? Or is it depicting visits to different stores?

  3. Woo, Randall -- filling the niche left by Andy Rooney.

  4. The new comic is so inane and pointless that it wouldn't even be fit for a five-minute comic. Not only has Randall stupidly disrupted his drawing style for no reason at all, but has also failed to give any sort of coherence to his comic, and in the meantime managed to insult a ton of his fans in the process. This is a REALLY terrible comic.

  5. I simply don't understand this at all. But that might be because in supermarkets around here, you simply pack your own things, and there is usually a selection of three different bags, plastic with handles, sturdy and very durable paper with handles and much bigger extremely sturdy and very durable paper with handles. You choose the ones you like by estimating the volume of your purchases, pay for them and pack them as you like. Done. And, WTF is double bagging? Do you really have bags so crappy you need to put one in the other for them to hold together?

    The shops that put things in bags for you here are usually more specialised, and you usually don't shop carts full to the brim of stuff in them as you do when shopping groceries at a supermarket.

  6. @12:12 In a typical american supermarket or the like, the employees put your things in bags for you, and the bags suck so the heavy things like multiple milk cartons are put in double bags.

  7. It wasn't funny, but that HAS happened to me, the first time I bought reusable bags. I bought 4 of them, and, no lie, each reusable bag was put into a plastic bag--by itself.

    The alt-text is silly, but for the first month or so, remembering to bring in the reusable bags did feel like a triumph. Then it became habit after that.

  8. Aren't you jealous that has much more comments than this one?