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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Comic 991: Darth Maul Stick Figure

Phantom Menace
title: Phantom Menace; alt-text: "We could go to the theater across town and see if it's opened THERE yet, but we don't want to lose our place in line."

I was just as confused as you so I went to the forums... turns out in 2012 they are going to re-release the Phantom Menace in 3D and these people are waiting outside of this theatre and are unsure as to why no one else is camped out months in advance like last time.

Three interesting things about this one:

After quickly loading the individual panels into the Gimp and overlapping them and setting the transparency my suspicions were confirmed... Panels 1,2 and 3 are pixel perfect copies of each other. I'm fine with this aside from he usually doesn't do so.

Next is that he could have made this comic stand up on it's own if he had provided some kind of indication they were waiting for the "re-release"... even just a reference to "like last time" or something... or a mention of 3D so we had a clue that that's what they were waiting for... and if these people are there months in advance... where are their tents?

Finally is that I am actually quite impressed that he managed to do a recognizable Darth Maul head while maintaining his faceless stick-figure are style.

That said, maybe he could have used the time he saved (copy-pasting, leaving out useful detail and using materialistic minimalistic art) to come up with a joke.

edit: Also... "give it one more month" makes it sound like they are there way ahead of time while "see if it's opened THERE yet" makes it sound like they are lined up for a show today... maybe I need to check out the forums and figure out how they have rationalized this disparity.


  1. You could improve the comic just by cutting those superfluous beat panels and rewording the dialogue. Even if it got a little too wordy:

    Darth Maul Guy: Hey, remember when Episode I came out?
    Lightsaber Guy: Yeah.
    DMG: And how we camped in front of the cinema for 2 months?
    LSG: Uh-huh.
    DMG: And how we found out that the "cinema" was actually an abandoned factory?
    LSG: Yes, I remember that. Why do you ask?
    DMG: Isn't this the same building?
    LSG: Yeah. What's your point?

    Alt-text: That time it was a genuine mistake. Now we're doing this to protect people from a crappy prequel.

    Also, holy shit you guys! I got an account now! Hi, Gamer!

  2. Okay, so I didn't know anything about the 3D re-release stuff, so I read this comic as "they've been waiting there since 1999 and still haven't realised it's not a theatre". Which made it neither timely nor funny.

    On the other hand, I'd envy those guys for not having had their hopes dashed by the prequels if that had been the correct interpretation.

  3. I honestly think this joke is about people still waiting in line to see the first release. There is NOTHING in here that suggests it's for the 3D rerelease. My guess is that the 3D rerelease is WHY he thinks this joke is somehow relevant, but I honestly do not believe that is what he is making fun of. I think that's giving him too much credit.

    I mean, if the joke was that no one wanted to see the 3D rerelease, why make the window broken (i.e. abandoned warehouse i.e. not a cineplex). If it was just two people confused why no one was waiting in line for the rerelease, then it would make MORE sense to have it be a real theater.

    As you say, "one more month" suggests it's already been awhile. "See if it's opened there yet" fits as well, because it should have been open already. It should been open years ago.

    Saying that this is making fun of the 3D rerelease is just giving him too much credit. The joke is just, "lol they've been for over a decade." That's it.