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Sunday, August 7, 2011

xkcd Forums Bingo: Weeks 7,8,9

Bingo is back, by the popular demand of SEVEN people (unless those two anons were the same person... whatever). For those unfamiliar with the format, each comic has a thread on the xkcd 'fora'. I read the thread for each comic and mark off a square for every time the forumites say a certain thing. At the end of every week I, do the three comics from the previous week. However, this week we're catching up by doing nine comics.

I swear they're never usually this disappointing. In 924 they just sidestepped the comic and spent the thread talking about 3D printers. This just must have been a dull period on the forums, since the forum link was gone for a while. It's back as of 927. Expect more action here next week!

All the old score cards can still be found here.


  1. Have you ever actually gotten a bingo?

  2. @Gamer_2k4

    Yeah, it happened back in June:

  3. And it also happened in my trial run of 603 (idiocracy).

    Spoiler alert: there's a bingo next week.

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      You liar. This blog NEVER raises important issues.

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