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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

xkcd Forums Bingo: Week 10

Bingo is early this week, because we're still catching up. Looks like the forums are picking up some momentum now that the link is back. Yay!

Uhhh... they spent far more time talking about universal standards than about the comic. But this one was the most bingo-friendly we've had yet since I rebooted bingo. I even got the rare B4 square from this post. Note that there's one comic in the near future that's certainly going to get B4. Can you guess which one?

I swear I should have added a square for 'Grammar', since they spent half the thread talking about the correct pluralization of 'octopus'. I'm counting that anyway for D4. My favourite was 'octoplural'. Someone did it right though:

"I conclude that "octopi" is a valid plural, except on the xkcd forums, or anywhere else where it will provoke hours long discussions on pluralization."

I feel a bit redundant saying bingo, since it's already written on the image, but 'BINGO!' Yay!

Here's a rundown of the scoring squares:

E2 - Found it in the first post (it was being humorous though).


A2 - In this post by Joee, half of the dynamic duo that is Glasnt and Joee.

"How is the ball still inflated with a arrow through it?
Yes, this is seriously the first thing that went through my mind"

C2 - I know this one is a bit dubious, but he basically saying that it reminds him of the other Google+ comic.

"Randall must really want us to join Google+. Not the first comic about it."

B2 - He signed up just to explain the joke (A1). For what it's worth the explanation was utter garbage.

"Alright I got a little annoyed that no one's got the main part of this joke so I joined.
The "thunk" sound is the old IRC message recieved tone. BHG is sending them an IRC message to say "I still use it, and it still gets my message accross"."

D2 - Thank you, adanedhel728, for your rant about Facebook, clocking in at 589 words (the quote isn't counted). Exerpt below.

"Now... All of that being said.... The only reason I even came to the forum was to point out that "thunk" was a surprisingly good sound effect."

I hope you've enjoyed bingo this week. Thank you and goodnight!


  1. Since when did red moderator text become okay?

    I don't think it's okay.

  2. "....about the correct pluralization of 'octopus'. I'm counting that anyway for D4. My favourite...."

    You spell 'pluralization' like a Yank, yet you spell 'favourite' like a Brit? If one insists on perching on antipodal points in the Anglosphere one should warn us antecedently.

  3. Nah, the OED lists "pluralization" and "pluralisation" as acceptable British English. Either are fine on this side of the pond.

    I don't know why I like Forum Bingo but I do - glad you're keeping it up :)

  4. Forum Bingo is so awesome.
    D2 from 929 was great.

  5. Keep commenting. It's comments like that which make me want to keep doing it.

  6. Hey dude, hurry up and catch up. It's hard to care about bingo games for comics I've already forgotten about.

  7. Holy shit yes. Yes, yes, yes.