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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Comic 937: Bland but not Bad

Sorry this is late. I tried writing something as soon as the comic went up, and nothing came to me. I tried again about noon, and still nothing came to me. This third attempt is going to be garbage, but at least it'll give you guys somewhere to comment (if you so choose).

Title: TornadoGuard; alt-text: The bug report was marked 'could not reproduce'.

Well, at least this comic is better than I initially gave it credit for. I thought that the strip was saying, "This app could have had a perfect rating, but some jerk rated it down for some stupid reason." It reminded me of a much older, much better strip. Luckily, on second glance, it turns out Randall's saying just the opposite, so props for that I guess.

Unfortunately, that leaves us with problem that seems to be quite common with xkcd: for a "comic," there's absolutely no joke. It's also what makes it so hard to criticize. The art is passable, the point is a good one, and Randall didn't try to make a joke, so I can't say anything about the lack of humor.

I'm not going to criticize for the sake of criticism; otherwise, this blog begins to lose its credibility. So, good job today, Randall? I guess? You managed to put up something that, while bland, didn't actually suck. Huzzah.


  1. "....I'm not going to criticize for the sake of criticism; otherwise, this blog begins to lose its credibility....."

    There are varying degrees of credibility. Several factors influence the levels of perceived or actual credibility a blog might garner. This blog is incredible - with the 'in' prefix to be understood as it is in the word 'inflammable' as opposed to how it is understood in the word 'incontinent'.

  2. Bingo is going to be somewhat delayed this week, because I'm in Iceland.

    I just hiked to the top of a glacier to find a wi-fi hotspot, if only to inform you of my dilemma. But I'm afraid I can't do any bingo before the frostbite sets in.

    Promise I'll do it soon.

  3. Sadly, I will probably use this comic in an academic presentation at some point. It is too germane to be ignored: comics (pithy or otherwise) about variance and skewness are rare.

  4. This was pretty funny. If you weren't autistic, you might see the humor in it.