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Friday, August 5, 2011

Comic 934: Lost for Words

Title: Loss; alt-text: Ok, so I'll bet some people just said "That's it, I'm not reading this comic anymore!", and that's fine, I respect that decision. Thank you for reading.

Okay Randall, what the fuck.

At first sight, yep, it's another cancer comic. And there are no words. Now for once I wish it were a comic with too many words, so at least we'd get an explanation for what the hell's going on! The context is not clear at all, as Randall is neither showing or telling. Why is the guy rushing to the hospital? It's hard to tell if Megan is having a cancer or a miscarriage.

On top of everything the comic as a whole shows a dramatic mood-swing from 'hey cancer is fun, derp' to wordless angst. Think about this: two days ago Randall posted a comic that make radiation therapy sound all sci-fi and badass. This is just what happens when a webcomic author decides to insert unnecessary drama into an otherwise lighthearted comic that wasn't that good in the first place. If this doesn't cross the line into Wangst, I don't know what does.

On a slightly positive note, the artwork is slightly better than usual. It still ultimately fails because it's impossible to convey emotion in people who don't have faces!

The forumites are already sucking it up. Comments like this are everywhere.

So sad... so much there is said by so little. I want to cry.

I do not expect you read these comments, but I just want to say to Randall, your comic has been the highlight of my day for the last four years. Just know that no matter what happens, there will always be at least one adoring fan for you to talk to.

I can't help thinking there's another comic that this really reminds me of...

Ah yes, its 383.

And yes, this review is not at all serious.


  1. Dang, at first I thought he had really copied loss.jpg and the first part of the newspost and found it an interesting meta-commentary:

    * Randall is aware that the cancer comics have the potential to drag down his comic via Cerberus Syndrome (or would, if he hadn't already abandoned all pretense of humor about 500 strips ago).
    * Since it's generally accepted that CAD is crap, choosing this rather than some other jump-the-shark moment to copy supported the idea (which some have suggested since that preggers frenemy yiff comic), that Randall is just going through the motions and knowingly putting out crap in order to sell posters and T-shirts.
    * Buckley has no compunction about stealing other people's art and passing it off as his own, so there was a kind of poetic justice in Randall doing the same to him.
    * Something about this being a miscarriage of a comic.

    CAPTCHA: destry - Lilah's poison womb destryed her little by.

  2. Cancers Love To RapeAugust 5, 2011 at 6:22 AM

    Pages on this blog no longer show up in my history ever since RavenZOMG left.

    It's like it KNOWS.

  3. So what's Randall's deal? Did he put that comic up for a couple of seconds before replacing it with the Mac/PC one? I can't find the 'rush to hospital' comic at all.

  4. as if it couldve been done by randal, its got shadows and clothes and scenery - and doesnt have to explain everything in words. (srsli. if this comic had been done by randal, it wouldve had at least 20 words in each panal explaining what was going on).

  5. Wow, you fooled even me.

    Just out of respect for your first "review," I'll wait a little before posting anything for the REAL 934.

    Not that there's much to review.

  6. Please don't do this crap. This is the first step towards implosion like xkcdsucks and xkcd sucks redux. Just post reviews, make them funny, and let everyone do their 2 minutes hate.

  7. @Anon 10:20

    Don't worry, it was a lot of effort, and I'll only do it once.

    That is not to say the fun is over yet. Who dares me to post this comic to the xkcd forums?!

  8. If you put a floating head in the fourth panel, it would have been perfect Jon.

  9. Just in case you didn't get the joke (and I understand if some don't), here's the KnowYourMeme page for CADbortion, an important piece of webcomics history.

  10. Ahhh ok, I wasn't familiar with CADbortion. That makes things a little more amusing.

    - a no longer cranky anon 10:20

  11. Yes! Post it on the forums, Jon!