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Saturday, October 8, 2011

xkcd Forums Bingo: Weeks 18 & 19

What, you didn't expect this to come back, ever? Let's see, we've got quite a lot to catch up on.

950 - Mystery Solved

You wouldn't expect people to question the science in a comic that's so obviously meant to be absurd, but the xkcd fans did.
951 - Working

Of course they were going to argue about the maths in this thread. But they didn't have to use that stupid JSMath font that causes the entire page to freeze for a while. I hate that.

I... I'm speechless. This post is 2719 words! Some people have way too much free time.

952 - Stud Finder

Goddamn, this is a stupid comic. There was plenty of G5 and O5 from those who didn't get it, those who expected a deeper meaning (this is xkcd after all) and those who over-explained it.

Now let's take a moment of silence to reflect on the depressing fact that the stud finder article on Wikipedia was randallized.

… …

953 - 1 to 10

One fan's opinion on this comic (I hope he was joking):
"Binary jokes are the cutting edge of internet comedy. Nonsensical ones even more so."
Naturally they stopped talking about the comic quite early on, and went on to discuss grading systems and the semantics of binary numbering OH GOD, I DON"T CARE ANY MORE!

954 - Chin-up Bar
Eight page thread, this had better be good!

And the first page was full of the usual xkcd forum tropes. We've got a promising line of three developing already.

The most amusing bit was where some people were offended by the comic. This guy even called it the worst xkcd ever. They were talking about this for the rest of the thread.

By the time I'd started the fourth page, I had three almost-lines forming.

End of sixth page - come on! Just a maths or language post to finish one of those lines off... Aha, found a language post! Which makes the following line:

I1 (I laughed (out loud).) - Plenty of examples. This is the best one.

I2 (Lagnguage/grammar) - someone on the seventh page pointed out the difference between meters and metres, for which we are forever greatful.

I3 (I think this thread is the winner) - Hasn't happened in a while, but here we get a reference to the thread creation process.

I4 (I wish this comic was true!) - a disturbing case considering the comic's subject matter.

I5 (Haters are trolls) - This post gives us a typical fanboy defence to the people who were offended.

On top of that, there were four near-misses. One can only imagine the epicness if we had got a double, triple or quadruple bingo. Maybe another time.

955 - Neutrinos
Oh boy, classic xkcd thread. Lots of boxes ticked. I don't believe it, another bingo!

B2 (I loved the alt text!) - Not a common square, but luckily we had this geologist who totally liked the alt text.

But there was also another geologist who hated the alt text.

I2 (Language/grammar) - This one for pointing out a typo in the alt text.

N2 (LONG post (500+ words)) - Phew, only just! We had this post with 501 words.

G2 (Maths/physics) - Needless to say, the thread was full of it.

O2 (Not funny, but made me think) - Screw it, I'm counting this for O2.

Please direct any flaming about the lack of bingo for over a month into the comment thread below. I have been busy with college and all that. Just doing this has taken me at least three hours.


  1. Moar like Jon LEAVE-i, amirite?

  2. Jon I'd just like to say that I still like reading these but we're not going to get mad if you have more important shit to do.

    Also, you wrote greatful instead of grateful. Also also:

    "I... I'm speechless. This post is 2719 words! Some people have way too much free time."

    "Just doing this has taken me at least three hours."

  3. That typo was intensional; consider yourself trolled.

    I insist that three hours is nothing compared to the time taken to write that 2719-word monster. He'd have to write 906 words per hour to do so in the same time.

    Who knows, maybe he just writes fast? It would have taken me at least six hours to write that post.

    Maybe I just get things done slowly.

    Like this post probably took three minutes, no exaggerating.

  4. I thought it might be but I wanted to show I was paying attention.

  5. What do they win for getting BINGO?

  6. that feel when Jon Levi and Gamer_2k4 are autistic neckbeards, Levi more autist and gamer more neckbearded. As a result of this they attempt to stifle all opposition and dissent towards this blog, and censor it to no end. They're going to delete this post too, just you see.

  7. Personally I wouldn't miss it very much if it was gone.

  8. I'm in two minds about it. Part of me would like to see the post gone forever, but at the same time another part of me thinks it does contain some small merit and should remain extant for this reason. I do not know how to resolve this internal conflict.

  9. I don't have the power to delete comments, only Gamer can.

  10. I delete especially tasteless comments because I don't want this blog to turn into what the original is now. You want to post stupid, 4chan/ALT-F style comments? Do it over there.