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Friday, April 6, 2012

1039: Ja, das ist Super!

Alt-text:Bruce Schneier believes safewords are fundamentally insecure and recommends that you ask your partner to stop via public key signature.

Aren't the SM folks strange? They just treat someone like crap for whatever reason and when that other person has had enough, they say a "safeword". Man, wouldn't it be funny if someone had wacky long safeword? Like chemists, they do have super long words, don't they? Man, this is comedy gold!


No, it isn't. It's not even remotely funny*. Look, there's a difference between chemistry jokes and jokes about chemistry, the distinction being that the former is what a foolish person would expect from xkcd and the latter is completely dumb.

What baffles me is the unseen context of the comic. Is the SM couple in another room, or are they in the other half of the same room? Why are they doing their thing in the vicinity of Randall and Megan? Or, rather, why don't Randall and Megan mind them? What the fuck is going on? I mean, judging from the armchair and the computer, this is happening at someone's house, which means that they're doing whatever they're doing either while they have visitors or while they're visiting someone else.

Das ist nicht normal.

*Mistyped as gunny at first; I first considered leaving the typo in, but the comic actually is gunny, as in I'd like to shoot someone in the face.


  1. Randall's looking at porn. The noise is coming from his off-screen soundsystem, attached to the laptop.

    Megan's reading a book cause she has a headache. I mean, he only lasts ten seconds so why even bother? She'll get her rocks off after Randy goes to bed, with her battery-operated friend.

  2. Roommates, T-Jack. Sometimes two couples rent the same apartment or small house to get a larger common living space than they would be able to afford on their own. They also tend to get used to eachother boning in whichever way is most common to them.

    The joke is pretty weak. I feel like the followup question "Why doesn't she stop beating him as soon as he says Ribulose" has more comedic potential. If you go for a more outlandish premise and try to treat it like it's a normal thing, you need to explore its implications more to make a joke work.

    The alt-text joke was funny.

    1. Oh, alright, I guess that could explain it (guess it's just not that common where I live). Still, it wouldn't be that much to ask to have it somehow specified in the comic, if not through established characters, then at least through "a sign with 'PARTY' on it".

    2. There should be a prologue explaining the situation:

      "In the year 2012, this generic bald guy and Megan shared a home with a third individual for the sake of economic convenience. One night he or she had sex in his or her room with a consensual partner while the generic bald guy and Megan were reposing in the living room. Only, it wasn't ordinary sex, it was... well, let's take a look, shall we?"

      Then the comic proceeds. 100% improvement.

  3. Has no one ever lived in an apartment (or stayed in a hotel) with thin walls where the sounds of neighbours doing things in the adjacent apartment (or room) could be heard through the walls? I mean, I get that the comic isn't all that funny but the premise isn't all that suspect (especially when you take into account the numerous examples of sitcoms and comedy movies that use the "people banging next door" hook).