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Saturday, June 1, 2013

xkcdsucks vs xkcd-sucks meta-review

By popular demand* here is the definitive unbiased comparison between xkcd's leading hate-blogs.

xkcdsucks (A.K.A. "No-hypen")

The lead 'reviewer' on this blog can't even be bothered to pump out shitty one-line reviews once a week, leaving the comment threads to wither and die. Once a comment thread turns 2 weeks old, that's it. It can't be posted in anymore. It's clear that people only prefer it out of habit, and failing to update their bookmarks.


xkcd-sucks (A.K.A. "Hypen")

Updated every week with content from yours truly. I may even do other features, like Forum-watch and Bingo if there's demand for it. Best of all, if I stop posting for any reason (although really there's not much chance of that happening), the comment threads will work indefinitely.


*One guy requested it, and I think he was joking


  1. Replies
    1. Why don't you revive an actual good blog, like

    2. Well sir, I only have authorship rights on two blogs: Xkcd Sucks Reboot (formerly Capn's Blag) and this one. It was not a difficult choice to make.

    3. So this is how you repay me, Jon, after all I've done for you.

  2. I am disappointed that I have only just discovered this blog.

  3. That "updated every week" thing appears to be a blatant lie. Not so different from non-hyphen after all, are you?

  4. "if I stop posting for any reason (although really there's not much chance of that happening)"