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Thursday, March 15, 2012

1029: Randall sucks at drawing

Alt-text: Screw these 36-degree angles. I'm converting to Judaism.

Oh look, it's another of those "something goes awry, accompanied by wacky commentary" strips. Remember when those used to be funny? Neither do I.

So not only is Randall unable to draw a pentagram, he apparently doesn't even know the word "pentagram". And the alt-text confirms that what he calls a "star" is indeed supposed to be the holy symbol. Either he's stupid or trolling me, but given his past record, I can't eliminate either option.

All in all, it's a pretty boring comic, in the simply-dumb category. And now you know why I usually don't review strips like this.


  1. Part 1. In Which Mr. Xkcd And His Audience Are Exposed As Frauds

    `sed s/keyboard/leopard` will replace only the first instance of the word "keyboard" with "leopard" on each line of text. `sed s/keyboard/leopard/g` will produce the results shown in this comic. sed is one of the first powerful commands a UNIX user will learn. Someone who has bragged about being good at Perl, using regular expressions, and caring about various UNIX technicalities would not make such an error in an Internet forum of avowed, proud Geeks without embarrassment.

    Moreover, a true Internet forum of avowed, proud Geeks would lose it's collective credibility if the error wasn't pointed out until 25 or so posts on the topic---and by a very new user.

  2. Part 2. In Which Mr. Xkcd Proves He Has No Editorial Sense

    Draft 1: "The Internet got 100 times better when, thanks to an extension with a typo'd regex, my browser started replacing the word 'keyboard' with 'leopard.'"

    Draft 2: "A typo in an extension caused by browser to replace the word 'keyboard' with 'leopard.' The Internet is now 100 times better."

    Draft 3: "Here's how a little typo in a browser extension can make the Internet 100 times better."

    etc. etc. etc.

    If it were me, I'd erase the whole mess and put up this in Comic Sans:

    # Out-Safari Safari
    curl $1 | sed 's/keyboard/leopard/g' > tmp.html
    open -a "Safari" tmp.html

  3. shut up yu idiots and its a star and its just ironic comedy idiot