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Friday, January 6, 2012

1000: Why?

Alt-text: Thank you for making me feel less alone.

Today is a big day for Mr. Randall Munroe. His influential webcomic has just hit the big 1000, and he's celebrating it big style - by drawing a big number 1000 comprised of stick figures that represent the past strips, plus a lame "programmers only know 1024" joke.


Alright, I'll try to keep this short, so that the others can state their own opinions. To be honest, I was kinda hoping that Randall would come with something big for his 1000th comic. You know, large format, colors, all the recurring characters (all two of them), maybe a return to the very first strip... But instead, we get this. I have never seen an anniversary webcomic strip this self-congratulatory. Sure, many webcomics love to celebrate regular anniversaries (see every 100th episode of Order of the Stick, a vastly superior stick comic), but this is the first time such a comic basically says "Ooh, look at me, I can shit out a crappy drawing three times a week for six years straight, aren't I a cool guy?"

Acosta02 said in the comments for the last article: "XKCD number 1000 can literally only be interpreted as a self-parody, right down to the title text." I wish I could say that I agree, but the way I see it, there is a very real possibility that Randall meant this comic completely seriously.

P.S.: I'm only including the "Mr. Hat" label here because I found him included in the second zero (he's on its 2 o'clock). I didn't find Beret Guy, but I'm sure he's there somewhere, so I'm including him, too.


  1. Are there 1000 stick figures? personally i thought this one was lame.......

  2. This just in: Maddox does a rant about math.

    He does it better than any shitty comic rant Randall has ever done, despite being a webcomic supposedly about math.

  3. That was, slightly disappointing but honestly, I don't think I expected better. I was just expecting that he might completely defy our expectations, but he didn't.

    Would have been nice if he did another five-part series, culminating on 1000. Or better yet, make 1000 the fake-out ending, then post a sixth part on for 1001, the 'real' thousandth comic. That would have been too creative for Randall to do.

    Here's to another thousand!

  4. QQ harder haters.

    We'll see if you can last 1000 posts leeching off someone else's fame. I find the complaint about being too "self-congratulatory" amusing. Since all this site is "Ooh, look at me, look at me, I could do a better comic than is crappy Munroe guy!". But you can't.

  5. 1001 is hilarious... still laughing at it. Sorry, I'm sure there are ways it could be criticized but I'm not gonna look for them.