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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

1086: It's not a comic until you draw something worth looking at.

Alt-text: Ooh, another one. Uh ... the ability to alter any coefficients of friction at will during sporting events.

Oh come on! This isn't even a comic. How far up your ass does your head have to be to think that to be labelled a comic, all your creation needs to be is made by hand in a drawing program?

Yep, it's another one of those and I guess it's my duty to demonstrate how this execution is the single worst one that Randall could've chosen. First, it is essentially a dumb joke about meta-wishes (who hasn't made one of those?) interspersed with shotgun humor, and as we all know by now, neither is funny, especially when done by xkcd. The shotgun wishes especially could be used as setups for a series of comics, depicting the effects of said wishes, but no, all we get is a list of ideas.

What really ruins the comic for me is the format. Presuming the existence of a magical wish-granting bureau is a) something so typically xkcd, and b) a dead horse already. You could've drawn this as a log of a clinically insane man and you wouldn't even have to change anything except for the header.

Also, including a picture of Mr. Hat in the log does not count as featuring a recurring character.


  1. Also also... that is a lot of eyelashes.

    1. Knowing Mr. Hat, he probably just kidnapped somebody he didn't like and use their eyelashes. Oh for fuck's sake, every way I look at this comic, I see a much better one!

  2. I guess that Randall couldn't come up with something clever for, at least, the alt-text; it's in the same vein as the main comic's humor.

    Can you actually tell me where else wish-granting-bodies humor appears? I would like to see this joke where it's been done better. Off-hand, I can't really think of anything reminiscent of it.

  3. 1089 is almost as though he is trolling this site (and that other, non-hyphenated one). "How to Fake Being Human", by Randall Munroe -- a Sociopath's guide to mingling with the normals.