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Thursday, February 2, 2012


Alt-text: I've been trying for a couple years now but I haven't been able to come up with a name dumber than 'Renesmee'.

I'll be brief this time, because there's not that much that I want to address. This is another shotgun humor strip, though I think it should rather be called "an Imperial Army humor strip", because when you shoot a shotgun, you actually hit the target.

It is clear what gave Randall the inspiration to puke up this godawful abomination; the Munores must be expecting a baby girl, and putting aside that we know exactly how Randall is going to name his daughter, he though it would be hilarious to put down a list of stupid ideas for a name. And, true to his spirit, it is full of references, jokes that weren't funny five years ago and some of Randall's patented creepiness. No, you don't get to brag about how none of the names you came up with are worse than the terrible name from Twilight, when your list includes Ovari and Eggsperm! And that is all I have to say.


  1. It wouldn't be so bad if the author of the book hadn't presented the name Renesmee as being a terrible name... this joke is so old it was come up with before the book it is mocking was finished being written.

  2. yeah, when the name was already invented as being the most stupid sickening name the author could manage, saying that its terrible seems a bit... pointless? excessive? redundant? certainly not a source of humor. had it been the name of the main character or something, and presented in the book as being an awesome name (and lots of fanbois thought it was an awesome name because of that) then fair enough. but (at least as far as i understand, having never seen/read any twilight stuff, and only know thats what it is becasue i googled the name) that isnt the case here.

  3. 14. Randall
    15. Monroe
    16. xkcd

  4. The new one with Etymology Man is pretty funny (the one before was tepid). I think a recurring character who talks too much and is the butt of the joke is a great idea for xkcd, since it puts the comic's biggest weakness to good use.

    The daughter names one is an ornate layer cake of different kinds of shit, on the other hand. Bad framing, purely text, shotgun humor, bad jokes, mixed kinds of jokes, and jokes that don't work with the framing ("seen" and "eggsperm" are boy's names.)

  5. 1012 was great... I laughed quite a bit at it.

  6. Have you tried neckbeards?