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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Comic 1322: Houston, we have a booger.

Title: Winter

Alt text: Stay warm, little flappers, and find lots of plant eggs!

Okay, I admit, I laughed a bit at 'plant eggs'. But then again, I have seen that kind of humour before. Do you know who it reminds me of?

Ralph Wiggum.
"I found a moon rock in my nose."

Except not exactly. The comparison is not apt for a few key reasons. First, Beret is not a child, or at least he is not dumb. He made a choice to be like this, which he explains here in the fourth panel. Other than that they have quite a lot in common. They are both fairly one-dimensional characters. They both use the wrong words for stuff. Yet they both show a measure of intellectual curiosity - Beret has his exoplanets. Ralph has his "Hi Super Nintendo Chalmers. I'm learnding."

I really hate the word 'manchild', but I've noticed it is surprisingly apt for Beret.

As an aside, all Xkcd characters can be imagined as children. It sometimes makes the comic funnier, and sometimes it makes it a lesser clone of SMBC. I tried imagining Beret as a child in some of the previous comics he appeared in. I found works with most of them. Try it yourself.

I don't know about you, but I think if Randall actually specified the age of his characters and made Beret a child, it would be kinda cute. The moral of this review is that children are just better, or rather that people will judge you less for your idiocy if you have the face of a child. And that reality will remain until children are afforded equal rights.

Since I kind of have to give grades at this point, I give 1322 a D for humour. D- for lack of a punchline. D+ for the premise, and B+ for the cuteness of the little kid with the beret, though it's an imagined B+.

You know, I think I might start imagining you guys as children. It would make the comments section more entertaining.


  1. I think beret guy is supposed to represent one of Randall's multiple personalities. In fact, the same applies to every "character" in xkcd.

    You should do 246 next. It's one of my favorites.

    1. Thanks, cpt, you're one of my favourite commenters, after Anonymous of course.

  2. Guys, guys, this brown bear came into my room this morning and shat on my bed and smeared it around with its ass. Needless to say I was pretty grizzled.

  3. Jon Levi is a student of some kind. Wonder what year of college he's in, and what he's studying. Hopefully not some sort of inferior social science or worse, one of the humanities.
    I'm also curious if I'm older than him.

    1. I imagine a second or final year computing student at a minor Russell joint.

      (In the UK, a "Russell University" is either Oxbridge or one where the dullard graduates consciously make the decision not to wear a tie before attending their first Jobcentre interview because they think they're too good for it.)

    2. Nice try, kids. I am indeed studying one of the noble STEM disciplines, though not computer science. I won't tell you where I am studying, but I will say that if you study at a certain institute in the midlands, there's a chance you might have walked past me on campus without even knowing it was me. Think about that.

  4. You should have saved 631 for today, it would have been more appropriate.