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Friday, August 31, 2012

1102: Black hats on sale

Alt-text: I lead a small but extraordinarily persuasive religion whose only members are door-to-door proselytizers from other faiths.

I love how today's comic came out just three strips after 1099, since this is basically Mr. Hat's response to that one. So what exactly is Mr. Hat's character? Is he a murderous sociopath, or just kind of a dick? Neither, actually, since as I wrote in the last review, there is no single Mr. Hat. The black hat itself is just a prop that signifies a character trait, in this case that the person wearing it is "not a very nice people". So yeah. There are no recurruing characters in xkcd, no matter what anybody says.

The comic itself deals with a common criticism of one of the claims made by, ahem, a certain lawsuit-happy "religion" based in the Wang of America. And that is also its biggest flaw. The comic just reiterates an argument against something without adding anything to the discussion. It is absolutely unnecessary and not at all funny. Plus I think the argument has been floating around the Internet for a long time. Yeah, I'm adding the "dated reference" tag.

The alt-text is kinda amusing, if divorced from the comic and presented as an out-of-context joke line. Like a entry, I'd say.

Well, this was short, but hey, it's not like I haven't already said all of this in previous reviews. We really need a glossary of xkcd's recurring flaws instead of the review blog format...


  1. Black Hat Guy is Randy's id.

  2. Why don't you submit your reviews to the original xkcdsucks?

    That has, like, an audience.

    United we stand, and Gamer_2k4 is a reactionary plant.

    1. Keep in mind why this blog came to be - Gamer_2k4 created it after our non-hyphenated cousin fell into the depths of single-sentence reviews. That's how I see the difference between the blogs - the original has quantity and our little hyphenated wonder has quality. I realize that this reason basically boils down to "because it's tradition", but people have done far stupider things using that excuse.

  3. Are you going to do one about pan-and-scan?

    I suppose it proves that Randy is still capable of a solid 40 hour workweek. Although it's really just a whole bunch of bad xkcd comics on one massive canvas.

    PS: I like it how Randy put the UI instructions in the title.