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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Family sickness

Hello there, dear XKCD-SUCKS reader

At this point you may be wondering why Died In A Blogging Accident is almost two weeks overdue for the next update. I' be honest, I was not looking forward to writing this, partly because theatrocious keyboard on my Nexus 7 cant seem to type without a second and a half of lag. I'd tell you the full story, but you probably don't want to hear it.

In short, my laptop broke down. After ruling out the RAM and the fucking SATA cable as the cause of the problem, we found that the culprit was a faulty SSD made by OCZ - go figure.

Since then, my laptop has been basically useless, as I can't get it running without a hard drive. And I'd left my backup drive in my parents' house, thinking I wouldn't need it anymore because all my backups are in 'The Cloud' - HUGE MISTAKE.

My housemate actually has a laptop with two hard drives - dont ask me why - for some reason he just needs two. And he still wouldn't let me borrow one. What a prick.

It took TEN DAYS for the new SSD to arrive, and when it did it was 32 gigabytes SMALLER than the one it was supposed to replace. That was my last straw with that company. I sent the drive back to OCZ, still in its original packaging, demanding that they pay me a cash refund. (Seriously, fuck that company.)

Dreck happens. And I was due for a new laptop anyway. But since I no longer need it for studies, I could not justify the expense to my (rich, Jewish) parents. That means I'll have to wait until Christmas* to have a working laptop again. 

Until then, I'm actually surprised that I can get by on a tablet+phone for like, 90% of the things I'd do on a computer (can anyone recommend a good DeviantArt client for Android?). However I'd be damned if I'm writing a novel on this thing. No matter what keyboard I install, my Nexus becomes a lag-ridden piece of dreck when I try and do any sort of long form writing on it. If you're reading this now, it's be ause I haven't yet thrown it against a wall in frustration.

To be honest, I kind of needed a break from DiaBA anyway. Rest assured though, Rob and friends will be back on the first Sunday after Christmas (28th December - mark your calendars), and I will update weekly from then on.

Thanks you for understanding, my patient fan. You're probably the only person who bothered to read this. 

*Yes, even yids celebrate Christmas.